BlogProduct Sourcing & Logistic4 Simple Steps to source products for your Online Store: Partner with Ur Bazaar 

4 Simple Steps to source products for your Online Store: Partner with Ur Bazaar 

4 Simple Steps to source products for your Online Store: Partner with Ur Bazaar 

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, securing a reliable source of products is a key challenge for online store owners. This article breaks down three common sourcing hurdles and offers solutions, showcasing how Ur Bazaar, a leading product sourcing agent, can help you import goods easily and affordably. 

Solution: Tap into Ur Bazaar’s Wide Network 

A major worry for online sellers is finding products that are high-quality yet reasonably priced. Ur Bazaar tackles this problem with its vast network of suppliers and manufacturers. They only work with top-tier manufacturers known for supplying globally recognized brands. These manufacturers are chosen based on their trade history, certifications, quality standards, trade references, and their capabilities to fine-tune the manufacturing process to fit their clients’ requirements. For example, in the textiles industry, Ur Bazaar deals with manufacturers who are chosen by brands like H&M, Zara, Van Husen and its sister brands, Ted Baker, Walmart, Target, TK Maxx, etc. 

These manufacturers are hard to find online or on the marketplaces. By tapping into this resource, store owners gain access to a diverse range of quality products at prices that allow them to stay competitive. Ur Bazaar’s expert team negotiates and secures deals that might otherwise be unavailable to individual businesses, ensuring that your store offers the best without breaking the bank.  

The Exclusive Nature of Top Manufacturers: They cannot be found online. – URBAZAAR

Solution: Utilize Ur Bazaar’s Expertise in Hassle-Free Imports 

Importing goods involves navigating a maze of customs, taxes, and regulations, which can be daunting and time-consuming. Ur Bazaar simplifies this process, offering services that handle the complexities of importing. With their in-depth knowledge of import regulations and documentation requirements, they ensure that your products are delivered smoothly and legally. This service is invaluable for store owners who wish to expand their product offerings internationally without getting entangled in red tape. This service will also allow you to decide on choosing the right country for your imports. For example, Australia imposes an Anti-dumping duty of up to 40% for Mild Steel imports from China to Australia even though there is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between these two countries. Indian Mild steel prices are a bit more expensive than China, however, with a 40% anti-dumping duty, the landing price will be more expensive for imports from China compared to India because there is no Anti-dumping duty for Mild steel imports from India. 

Solution: Trust Ur Bazaar’s Dependable and Streamlined supply chain 

Maintaining a steady and efficient supply chain is crucial for keeping up with stock levels and fulfilling customer demand. Any interruptions or delays can harm your reputation and sales. Ur Bazaar offers a solid solution with its streamlined logistics services, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable product supply. It’s not unusual for manufacturers to reject an order, even from globally renowned brands, if their production capacity is fully booked. Ur Bazaar understands this and takes necessary precautions to prevent any supply shortages. They thoroughly understand their client’s buying and selling power, and anticipate future orders based on their current selling power. Ur Bazaar only shortlists manufacturers who have the production capacity to produce products on demand, considering their current order pipeline and production capabilities. 

After the completion of production, the next significant hurdle is the shipping process. The cost of shipping is a crucial factor that impacts your landing price and selling price. Even if the manufacturing cost is competitive, any oversight in shipping can compromise your competitiveness. Online store owners typically offer a broad array of products sourced from various manufacturers. Without efficient logistics, it becomes challenging for any online store owner to outpace their competitors. 

This is where Ur Bazaar steps in. Our logistics services alleviate this burden from online store owners by managing the entire logistics process, including customs clearance and delivery of goods to their warehouse. Moreover, Ur Bazaar assists its clients with shipping consolidations, a boon for online store owners who source from multiple manufacturers simultaneously. Our dedicated team oversees and manages the logistics process from start to finish, promptly addressing any issues that arise to minimize disruptions. 

In conclusion, online store owners encounter a range of challenges when sourcing products, from securing the right price and quality, to managing complex imports and maintaining a reliable supply chain. Ur Bazaar offers comprehensive solutions to these problems, serving as a strong partner in your e-commerce journey. With their extensive network, expertise in hassle-free imports, and efficient logistics, they provide a seamless experience that empowers you to outperform the competition and excel in the market.

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