We know bags from Handbags to Paper Bags

We partnered with world-class best out-of-best bag manufacturing units in India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. Our partners are capable of making any kings of bags in all ranges and qualities including sustainable leather and fabrics.


Backpacks & Corporate Handbags

Backpacks are often associated with casual or outdoor activities, such as hiking or commuting to school or work. They are designed to be worn on both shoulders and distribute the weight evenly across the back.

Corporate handbags, on the other hand, are more formal and typically used in professional settings. They are often made of high-quality leather or other materials and have a more structured design. 

Handbags & Designer Handbags

A handbag is a small bag typically used to carry personal items such as a wallet, phone, keys, and makeup. Handbags can come in various materials and designs, from leather to fabric and from simple to ornate.

Designer handbags, on the other hand, are handbags that are designed and created by luxury fashion brands. These handbags are typically made of high-quality materials and are often embellished with unique designs and features.

Jute Bags & Designer Jute Bags

Jute bags are bags made from the natural fiber of the jute plant. Jute bags are eco-friendly, reusable, and biodegradable, making them an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

Designer jute bags, on the other hand, are jute bags that are designed and created by fashion designers or brands. These bags often feature unique designs, patterns, and embellishments that make them more stylish and fashionable.

Laptop Backpacks & Multi Purpose Kit Bags

Laptop backpacks are designed specifically to carry laptops and other electronic devices. They usually have a padded compartment to protect the laptop and other compartments and pockets for accessories such as a charger, mouse, and documents.

Multi-purpose kit bags, on the other hand, are designed for carrying a range of different items such as sports gear, toiletries, and clothing. 

Travel Backpacks & Travel Bags

Travel backpacks are designed to distribute the weight evenly across the back, making them more comfortable for longer periods of use. 

Travel bags, on the other hand, are typically more structured and may have wheels or a handle for easy transport. 

Men Wallets & Women Purses

Men’s wallets are typically smaller and simpler in design, with fewer compartments and pockets compared to women’s purses.

Women’s purses, on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from small clutches to large tote bags. They are often made of softer materials, such as leather or fabric, and may feature more ornate designs and embellishments. 

Tote Bags & Paper Bags

Tote bags are usually made of cloth, canvas, or other durable materials and are designed to be reused many times. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are popular for carrying groceries, books, and other items.

Paper bags, on the other hand, are typically made of thin paper and are designed for one-time use. They are often used for carrying items such as groceries, fast food, and retail purchases.