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Partner with us to manufacture and import footwear from Tier 1 manufacturers in India, Vietnam, China, Italy , Bangladesh and Pakistan who supply globally renowned brands like Nike, Addidas, Asics, Clarks, Aldo, Zara, Nordstrom and many more. Different types of footwear cater to various needs ranging from protection and support to fashion and style. The manufacturing process for each type can vary significantly based on the materials used and the specific requirements of the footwear.

Athletic/ Sports Shoes

  • Examples: Running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes.
  • Manufacturing Process: Typically involves synthetic materials and rubber. The process includes designing, cutting the materials, assembling the upper, creating and attaching the sole (often using molding processes for rubber or foam soles), and finishing with laces and insoles.

Casual Shoes

  • Examples: Sneakers, loafers.
  • Manufacturing Process: Can be made from leather, canvas, or synthetic materials. The process generally includes cutting the material, stitching or gluing the upper parts, attaching the upper to the sole (which might be glued or sewn), and adding finishing touches like laces and insoles.

Formal Shoes

  • Examples: Oxfords, derby, pumps.
  • Manufacturing Process: Often made of leather. The process includes selecting and treating the leather, cutting and stitching the uppers, lasting (shaping the upper over a foot mold), attaching the sole (which could be stitched, glued, or welted for durability), and polishing.


  • Manufacturing Process: Starts with selecting materials, typically high-quality leather or synthetic fabrics. The process involves cutting and assembling the upper, creating the heel, which can be made of plastic, wood, or metal covered with the same material as the upper. The upper is then shaped and attached to the sole and heel. Finishing touches include adding insoles, outsoles, and any decorative elements.

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  • Manufacturing Process: Similar to making pumps but without the addition of a heel. Materials like leather, canvas, or synthetic are cut and stitched to form the upper. The upper is then attached to a flat sole, usually made of rubber or synthetic material, through gluing or stitching. Finishing includes adding insoles and any decorative details.


  • Manufacturing Process: Similar to high heels but with a sole that runs under the foot from the back to the front, providing more surface area and support. Materials include leather, synthetic, or fabric for the upper, and wood, cork, or synthetic material for the wedge. The upper is attached to the wedge sole, and the shoe is finished with fastenings and decorative elements.


  • Examples: Work boots, hiking boots, fashion boots.
  • Manufacturing Process: Similar to formal shoes but includes additional steps for durability, insulation, or waterproofing. Materials include leather and synthetics. The process involves cutting and assembling the upper, attaching it to the sole (using methods like welting for durability), and adding any necessary protective features.

Specialty Footwear

  • Examples: Dance shoes, cycling shoes, safety shoes.
  • Manufacturing Process: Designed for specific activities, using materials that suit the activity (e.g., flexible leather for dance shoes, reinforced materials for safety shoes). Processes vary but typically involve material selection, cutting, assembling, and adding specialized soles or features.


  • Examples: Flip-flops, gladiator sandals.
  • Manufacturing Process: Can be made from leather, rubber, or synthetic materials. The process usually involves cutting the sole and straps, assembling the straps to the sole, and adding any closures or decorative elements.

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