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Jimmy singh
a week ago

Ur Bazaar and their team have been amazing right from start to end. Their expertise in multiple industries and manufacturing processes saved us a lot of money, which we initially thought we would need. We never thought sourcing products from multiple manufacturers from various countries would be this easy. They have made what we thought was a complex process look like plug and play. I would highly recommend Ur Bazaar and their team for any product sourcing from overseas.

Tony C
2 months ago

The whole process went seamlessly form start to finish, mostly because Useready's communication was faultless, keeping us up to date at every stage and working with us to resolve any particular production requirements we had. Their network of suppliers in all fields ensured that all the product requirements were taken care of by Useready - from production to packaging and freight to our door. Looking forward to working with them on our current and future projects.

Nurul A
2 months ago

Ur Bazaar has been really great right from the start. Their network of manufacturers is just amazing, especially in India and Pakistan. They looked after us in a lot of areas which we didn't even think off. They gave us constant updates, paid real attention to details during the manufacturing. Not only their product cost was best we got from the market but they also shipped our goods to our warehouse at a good price. We are very happy with how they looked after our sourcing and cannot recommend them enough. Thank you team 🙂

D&A Nader-Shaw
11 months ago

We have been working with Rakesh & his team at Useready since 2019 and the “award winning” products and service they supply are second to none. Working with Rakesh has improved our business immensely.

Eliza Beed
a year ago

Useready were very easy to communicate with in the process of the production. The efforts Useready went to in providing us with any updates and the Q&A process before shipping was very helpful! We also are very impressed with their proactive approach to present new offerings to us. Thanks Useready

Cheryl Royle
2 years ago

“Thank you Rakesh and the team for a great job on our new website. Timely and professional service”

Joel Kass
2 years ago

Useready has comprehensively supported our medical procurement requirements. We have found them to have an extensive network of supplier contacts globally, and the project/ contract management expertise to deliver high quality (& custom) end products at competitive prices with a fast turn-around. Our dealings with Rakesh and Useready team have always been positive and we'll be utilising their supply-chain solutions long-term. We have also benefited from business technology consultancy service, to access skilled staffing solutions. Joel Kass Globe Medical (Australia) Pty Ltd

Chika Isaac
2 years ago

It’s a one year journey with them so far and everything is perfectly good. We are happy to work with them and grow with Useready as long it goes and we would very strongly recommend Useready for both your imports and IT. Useready supplies all genuine products with great quality. They work very closely with you to make sure all deliverables are met on time. With their strong network of manufacturers across the globe and experience of manufacturing, they always find cost cutting techniques to match our target price and make sure the product is of top quality and standards. They are also looking after our IT sector to manage our backend supply chain and also our digital market and surprisingly, their offer a top quality service and results in IT too. They always stayed with us when things broke and fixed it. I would rate them 95 out of 100. Chika Issac M.D African Pride hair and beauty

Frequently Asked Questions

Ur Bazaar does not charge any commissions from its clients. Ur Bazaar makes sure that the proposal or the quotes submitted to its clients meet their target prices. If there are no target prices given, Ur Bazaar brings the best possible deals across the globe which you can compare and negotiate. There might be a small onboarding fee, depending on the project scope, however Ur Bazaar offers a 50%  to 100% refund on this fee once an order is placed.

Product sourcing involves finding products to sell through your business, often requiring negotiation and research to find the best quality at affordable prices. Ur Bazaar specializes in navigating the complexities of sourcing  from Top Tier 1 Manufactures, offering comprehensive services to streamline this process for your business.

Benefits include leveraging local market knowledge, reducing sourcing risks, saving time and costs in finding reliable suppliers, and ensuring quality and compliance with your product requirements. Moreover, Ur Bazaar is a local sourcing agent and their have a state of art process that converts international trade into domestic trade for it clients. This revolutionary process provides additional security to its clients on business transactions as per local governing policies unlike dealing directly with international factories or agents where you look all your rights and stay at the mercy of the suppliers.

These are companies that supply directly to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), known for their high-level technical expertise and ability to manage large-scale production efficiently. They are essential for delivering quality components or finished products to OEMs without intermediaries.

This is a strategy where a company controls multiple stages of its supply chain, from raw materials to final product assembly. It helps reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality control by eliminating the need for third-party suppliers and distributors.

Ur Bazaar currently operates in multiple segments including textiles, apparel, steel, construction, safety, home décor, furniture, bags, footwear etc. Ur Bazaar has its team in multiple countries across Asia and Europe who can identify tier 1 suppliers in any segment which means we do not have any limitations on industry segments.

Ur Bazaar likely employs quality control measures such as supplier audits, product inspections, and sample testing to ensure that the products meet the required standards before shipment, minimizing risks associated with poor quality goods.

Ur Bazaar offers its services to  businesses of all sizes, providing scalable solutions that can grow with your business. Ur Bazaar offers tailored support for small businesses and startups looking to navigate the complexities of international sourcing.

Ur Bazaar  provides complete assistance in developing custom products by working closely with suppliers that can accommodate specific design and functionality requirements. Ur Bazaar team includes a high level experienced engineers in various fields who often work on new product developments and building prototypes.

UR Bazaar coordinates logistics and shipping, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, and delivery to the final destination, ensuring a seamless process from manufacturer to your doorstep.

Initiating services with UR Bazaar involves contacting them with your product sourcing requirements, after which they would outline their process, fees(if any), and how they can tailor their services to meet your specific needs.

Every business is different and has different needs.

You need a right supplier who understands your business problems and tailor the solution for you. This is what we are known for

Have a product in mind?

Our engineering team will design the product and manufacture it for you. Lets give life to your idea and take it to the market.

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Our expertise in business consulting and outsourcing will help you to connect your business to any business across the globe and meet your business requirements/business objectives.



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